“Here we are in another wonderful world. The one built by Molotoy, a completely italian project. An album that goes by the name of Low Cost Experience and explains to us perfectly what is creativity, today, around the world. The most interesting thing is that it’s a concept that is substantially decreasing in Italy… I mean, there are few italian projects that manage to be so international by will.” Raffaele Costantino – Musical Box Rai Radio 2

“Molotoy confirm their extraordinary effectiveness, their undeniable talent. Grandeurs and strumental reiterations, the vital evolution of postrock music finds in them its maximum expression. Molotoy is power, a great load of power, strictness, sound elegance and most of all emotion. Majestic, sometimes statuesque, robotic…” Nerds Attack

“Molotoy are a band that slips away from the easiest and most general classifications. Sound architects of the new millennium, rather than play music they manipulate and deconstruct it. Explosive and playful, they weave a sonoric web, dreamlike and fascinating. Elegant and skilled musicians…” IndieforBunnies

“The roman trio operates completely out of the state of rational wakefulness, often transpassing, through its lunatic sound, the edge of the most dreamlike spacerock.” Rumore

“The Low Cost Experience is one of those album that doesn’t seem to have been projected nor realized in Italy, but nonetheless it is the result of Italian musicians’s work who belong to our very indipendent music scenery and who clearly have an artistic sensitivity of international sort.” Raro

“It’s not easy to get tired of The Lost Cost Experience, a great business card for Molotoy and a release over the average not only among the underground scenery, but among the italian electronic one tout court.” Cheap Sound

“At their discographic debut, Molotoy already proved to be very interesting, thanks to a strong musical personality which combines smoothly together a good psychedelic spacerock base with gothic strings and an extremely modern and catchy electronic sense.” Spazio Rock

“Their pecularity is to combine together completely different worlds: rock, electronic sounds and the enchantment of the strings. The most fascinating thing is the way how everytime an aspect prevails on the others, without ever losing the background symphony.” Son of marketing

“Musical and tecnological art can perfectly coexist. They can contaminate each other and continuously change roles. It is within this incessant game of mixture that The Low Cost Experience takes form. Molotoy combine together electro bases, strings and instruments from the rock tradition…” Radio Bombay

“The Low Cost Experience carries the listener away into a swollen place, almost suspended, tethered to acustic, digital and analogic cornerstones, which are usually difficult to identify and give shape and substance to a really fascinating sound architecture.” Music In

“I rarely had occasion to listen to something more personal, original and interesting. Molotoy play with music. They own it. They know how to manipulate it in order to express even the hardest of the messages. And that is what converts them into universal messages.” Lostinhighways